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Howard Chandler Christy

No. WP-119
Fight or Buy Bonds
The well known illustration artists who created posters for the war effort were happy to volunteer their talents because they were true patriots and cared deeply about America. Most had also studied art in Paris and were eager to see the U.S. enter the War on the side of France. The mission of posters like this one was to inspire all Americans to do their part. For those who could not sign up for military service, they could do their part by buying bonds. Women at that time could be nurses but not join the military, so Christy is portraying this young woman in a patriotic and courageous way. The way she is raising the flag has wonderful power in the imagery. But the art has another message: while war was raging in Europe, the women of America were fighting another war of independence, the struggle for suffrage…. the right to vote and take their rightful place in building a great nation.
Frame is not included in pricing in this section. For pricing of framed prints or stretched canvas, please see the special orders page. Many types of frame are available at retail and online stores. We found very inexpensive 12x18 frames at Walmart and Michael's. PRINTED POSTERS DO NOT HAVE THE WATERMARK.
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Giclee Poster printed on Photo Paper with archival ink

12" x 18" ……. $ 12.95
16" x 24" ……. $ 19.95
20" x 30" ……. $ 25.95

Printed on heavy Art Canvas with 1.5" border for stretcher and shipped rolled. Sizes are image size. Actual canvas sizes are +3" on each dimension.

16" x 24" ……. $ 55.00
20" x 30" ……. $ 68.00
24" x 36" ……. $ 75.00

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A variety of inexpensive frames are available at retail chains such as Michaels, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Target, as well as a number of online retailers. There are also custom frame shops in many American towns.
Item No: WP-205
Set of 4 Giclee Prints. 12" x 18" each:
— For the Safety of Womanhood
— Sow the Seeds of Victory
— Fight or Buy Bonds
— Remember the Flag of Liberty
$ 29.95
Shipping included. Frames Not included.
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